Fit in 11 minutes: With the app and training to more endurance and strength

Fit in 11 minutes

100 training levels
For endurance & strength
The best exercises
Motivating & highly efficient
The app from the World Champion Coach Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Fit in 11 Minuten: Mit App und Training zu mehr Kraft und Ausdauer

Fit in 11 minutes

Status quo test
Training system

The app from the World Champion Coach Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Fit in 11 Minuten: Mit der Fitness-App und täglichem Training zuhause zu mehr Kraft und Ausdauer

Fit in 11 minutes

Highly effective & individual
Workout everywhere & without equipment
Simple & for everybody
Slim & fit

The app from the World Champion Coach Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Daily 11 minutes only
100 fitness levels


Fast as Achilles! Strong as Hercules!

  • Test system to define your start level
  • Systemic training with 100 levels 
  • Precise training to top performance
  • Motivational system
  • Personal, time efficient – simply for everybody
  • The fitness-app from the World Champion Coach
A new person full of
power and energy!
Scientifically proven
Work out everywhere
additional equipment
Best fitness
in only 11 minutes a day
100 fitness levels
Step by step to top performance
for men and women
Self test for
status quo determination
Precise and personal training
for endurance and strength
Simple and highly effective
with the best proven exercises!


Real fitness means both: endurance and strength!

Time is of the essence!
Stress and lack of motivation are the obstacles to physical fitness and enjoyment of life.

The holistic FIT IN 11 MINUTES program for endurance and strength enables everyone to become fit fast –
easy training plan for a trim and healthy body – at home without any equipment.

The know-how is derived from the experience of international high performance sports, from the training of State, European and World Champions of various disciplines.

In top-level sports it is highly important to work out time as effectively and efficiently as possible – time is money! In order to achieve that, it is essential to do the status quo tests. They are the basis of our individualised training programs.

You might not be a world champion – but you might like to become fit and healthy in an effective manner. With our programs you will not waste time doing ineffective workouts and you will benefit from the experience of world class athletes.

I’m happy to join you on your fitness path!
Done on a regular basis the FIT IN 11 MINUTES program will make you 100% fit – guaranteed!

Start your new life now!

Winning Coach Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Michael Reinprecht

Discover your


Fitness self-test

  • How fit are you?
  • Status quo test for men and women.
  • Precise training to top performance.

100 fitness levels

  • Step by step, exercise by exercise.
  • Level by level to total fitness.
  • Goal Level: You define how far and how fast you want to improve.

Training system

  • Fast as Achilles!
  • Strong as Hercules!
  • Full body exercise program for endurance & strength.

Endurance: 6 minutes

  • Your personal cardio training!
  • You can choose: Stationary run (indoor), walking, jogging, ergometer, crosstrainer.
  • Indoor & outdoor (GPS tracking) possible.

Strength: 5 minutes

  • Your personal strength training.
  • The most effective exercises for the abdomen, buttocks and upper body.
  • Everywhere (indoor/outdoor) without additional equipment.

Predictable success

  • 3 successfully completed trainings will automatically take you to the next level.
  • You determine your progress!
  • Several trainings per day possible.

Improvement: Body

  • Strength: up to 30% in 6 weeks!
  • Endurance: up to 20 -25% in 6 – 8 weeks!
  • Reduction of body fat.
  • Improvement of blood parameters.

Improvement: Mind

  • More energy and improved mental performance.
  • Higher resilience (stress resistance).
  • Higher emotional stability.
  • Increased self-confidence.

Improvement: Slimness

  • Reduction of body fat percentage.
  • Increased basic metabolic rate (BMR).
  • Fat burning during and after exercise.

Download for free

Step by step to top fitness!

Determine your fitness level by doing the status quo test.

Train 5 levels including GPS tracking without further obligation and for free.

Tailor made – individually – highly effective!

World class!

That’s how everyone gets fit!

The impact of the training program after 6 months

arrow_up + 233,33 % FITNESSLEVEL
arrow_up + 300 % PUSH UPS
arrow_down - 42 % BODY FAT PERCENTAGE

Watch our video

All our athletes follow the „Fit in 11 Minutes“ training program!

Fit in 11 Minuten: Am Anfang steht ein Einstufungstest.

Status quo test

What is your fitness level?
Determine your start level.
Start your journey to endurance & strength!

Fit in 11 Minuten: Tägliche Übungen steigern die Ausdauer.

Training program - Endurance

Your FIT IN 11 MINUTES training program for endurance:
6 minutes indoor/outdoor
Optional: Stationary run, walking, jogging, ergometer, crosstrainer
Cardiovascular strengthening
Activating of metabolism
Leg strengthening

Fit in 11 Minuten: Tägliche Übungen steigern die Kraft.

Training program - Strength

Your FIT IN 11 MINUTES training program for strength:
5 min. full body exercises: Abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, upper body
Everywhere (indoor/outdoor) without any additional equipment!
Every 10 fitness levels your strength exercises become more difficult.
The repetition numbers are exactly defined for every level.


GPS tracking with km/h visual display, if you work out outdoors.

Fit in 11 Minuten: Mit jedem Fitness Level wächst der Tempel.

MOTIVATION - Key to success

Your fitness target will be shown as a TEMPLE
The closer you come to your goal, the more you complete your temple.
You get stronger and faster.

Fit in 11 Minuten - Monitoring


MONITORING of training results after each workout.
Logbook of completed workouts.

Fit in 11 Minuten: Sich mit anderen messen und in der Hall of Fame aufsteigen!

MOTIVATION - Key to success

HALL OF FAME: Ranking by activity points.
Monthly challenges.
Battle with your friends!

Fit in 11 Minuten: Trainieren, fitter werden und Medaillen sammeln!

MOTIVATION - Key to success

ACTIVITY points for each workout

MEDALS and extra points for completed challenges.

A part of your corporate health strategy

The FIT IN 11 MINUTES program is embedded in a holistic corporate health strategy. It includes leadership seminars, training of multipliers and a branded innovative app for employees and customers. With our experience, your company will be even more successful.


We will show you how more than 80% of seminar participants are still doing our training programs even after one year and how 98% of all sales professionals participating have increased their sales performance! (And it’s scientifically proven:-))


Are you interested?


Our athletes

Dominic Thiem
Top 10 Worldclass Tennis Player
Heinz Kinigadner
Double World Champion Motocross, Paris-Dakar Rider
Henri Leconte
Top 10 Worldclass tennis player
Ernests Gulbis
Top 10 Worldclass tennis player
Rene Hofer
Motocross World and European Champion
Horst Skoff
Top 20 Worldclass tennis player
KTM Team
Several World Champions
Patrick McEnroe
Worldclass tennis player
Christian Gratzei & Michael Madl
Professional footballplayers, ex- captain of SK Sturm Graz
Austrian Football Champion
TSV 1860 München
1860 Munich - traditional club Germany
Klaus Kinigadner
Motocross- and Rallyechampion
Werner Leitner
Worldclass triathlete
Helly Frauwallner
Several times Motocross Austrian Champion, Rallye Champion
Amos Mansdorf
Top 20 Worldclass tennis player
Ricardo Mauricio
Red Bull F 3000 Junior Team, Brasilian Stock Car Champion
Weltmeister-Coach Dr. Michael Reinprecht

Your Coach

My experience is YOUR success!

“You become stronger, slimmer and fitter!
You will have more endurance and more energy for your life! ”


DR. MICHAEL REINPRECHT offers you his Know-how. He has been coaching State-, European- and World Champions of various disciplines and Football Champion teams.


“Fit in 11 Minutes” is part of my morning routine for a successful day! The app is motivating me daily to do something for my body. I improved extraordinarily and feel physically and mentally much better. Thank you Mike!


Manager of Magna

“Fit in 11 Minutes” (1 to 3 times daily) is a very important part of my athletic training. It gives me strength and endurance for my races!
100 fitness levels are motivating me to go to the top.


World Champion Motocross

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Individuelles Workout zuhause, ohne Geräte, 11 Minuten - das bietet die Fit in 11 Minuten App.